These are the presentation slides for my guest lecture at USC, course ITP 460X. You can follow along with the presentation and find links to code samples in the slides below.

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JavaScript Call Vs. Apply


In my own studying of the lower levels of JavaScript I have come across some tricky components and constructs and have thought it useful to keep my own set of documentation, examples, and patterns for my own use and reference. While this is mostly intended to be used by me, I am sure that others […]

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Career Advice to a College Student


Advice I found helpful when I was choosing my career path pre and post college. Which career will pay the wage that will allow you to live your life the way you want? Which do you enjoy doing? Which could you realistically learn to do?

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6 Examples of Awesome Interactive Infographics


This is more of just a good list of infographics I have come across for my own reference purposes, so I am not going to spruce this up as a proper article or anything, just a list of 6 cool interactive infographics (and one static example). Enjoy! The Bright Future of Car Sharing Eastern Tennessee […]

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Why You Should Learn to Code


We are in the midst of yet another technology revolution. It is a revolution that is creating jobs, while consuming others; a time of innovation and creative expression through lines of code. Tech over the last 30 years has been a series of innovation explosions. As a brief history: the 1980’s saw the rise of […]

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How to Find an Entry Level Programming Job


A few months ago a student inquired about how to get an entry level job in coding/programming with limited experience. It sounded like he had hit a low point after trying to interview. I felt the same way when I was looking for my first coding job…

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