Who the heck is Riley Hilliard?

Riley H
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Who is Riley Hilliard anyway? Welp, I am a creative thinker, hungry learner, avid doer, and an aspiring modern renaissance man. To better understand who I am and what I do, let’s start with a few things I’ve done that I think are pretty awesome:

  • State Finalist in the Classical Guitar
  • Surfboard Shaper/Artist
  • Historian (Bachelors in History with an emphasis in WWII, SDSU)
  • Podcaster (Created one of the largest podcast networks, iClub on iTunes, with over 6 million downloads)
  • Professional DJ (Toured though the East Coast, West Coast, and Europe)
  • Graphic Designer (Been designing awesome stuff since I was a wee-babe)
  • Web Designer (My latest craze)
  • Journalist (I like to write stellar articles about interesting things)
  • Learner (If you’re not learning something awesome, you should probably get on that!)

Right now I am taking a bit of a swing at entrepreneurship, heading back to school (UCSD for a few tech certificates) and diving headfirst into anything else this interesting world may throw at me. This blog is the space I have created to blindly blast the figments of my mind into a public space, as well as to keep somewhat of an online Journal/Diary of the (hopefully brilliant)  theories, hypotheses, lamentations, social observations, annoyances, and ignorances I usually keep to myself. Feel free to participate, collaborate, or berate my random bouts of stupidity and strikes of genius. I am not the cleverest of the clever, nor the dumbest of the dumb, so keep that in mind if you find my work revolutionary, or extremely dull.

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Riley scribbled this article down on: June 29, 2012